• 21 Goals
  • 8 Assists
  • 29 Points

One of the reasons the 2021 UNC Tar Heels women’s lacrosse team was dubbed the greatest roster in history were the graduate transfers of Kerrigan Miller and Katie Bourque. Both were All-Americans in the COVID shortened 2020 season and were expected to make an immediate impact. Bourque tore her ACL in fall ball so it was Miller who received all the attention as the most important transfer in women’s lacrosse.

While at USC, Miller 36, 36 and 22 goals in her full seasons. Her shooting percentage was never over 45%. That said, she was the two-time Pac-12 Midfielder of the Year winner at USC (2019, 2020).

In 2016, Kerrigan Miller was the #1 recruit in the country. That year, #6 was Katie Hoeg and #21 was Taylor Moreno. Hoeg and Miller played for the club team the Long Island Yellow Jackets and always wanted to play college lacrosse together. After a COVID shortened 2020 season, they got their chance.

With Kerrigan Miller, UNC had three #1 recruits in the country on the 2021 team.

  • 2016 – Kerrigan Miller
  • 2018 – Elizabeth Hillman
  • 2020 – Caitlyn Wurzburger

Add 2020 Co-Players of the Year Katie Hoeg and Jamie Ortega and you have one of the most talented teams in the history of the sport.

Miller started in the midfield every game for the Tar Heels. While she did not rack up points through goals and assists, she covered every stat with draw controls, ground balls and caused turnovers. Throughout the season we heard that Miller wanted to play for US National Team head coach Jenny Levy to improve her (wo)man-to-(wo)man skills on defense. She played mostly zone while at USC.

A misconception that many had, myself included, was that Miller would come in and immediately be an offensive threat. She was the best high school player in the country in 2016 after all. Instead, she was a role player with a very high lacrosse IQ. So high that Jenny Levy has already named her a graduate assistant for the 2022 UNC team.

Miller was never a true offensive threat as she shot 33% for the season. She was a fantastic split dodge attacker but defenses quickly realized that once she beat her defender, just let the goalie do the rest of the work. She was only going to score 1/3 of the time. Unlike Jamie Ortega and Caitlyn Wurzburger that reached 70% shooting, Miller was never going to be a sharp shooter.

By the end of the season, defenses forced Kerrigan Miller, Scottie Rose Growney and Alli Mastroianni to beat them. Jamie Ortega often took control and willed the UNC team to a win but that wasn’t enough in the Final Four game against Boston College. Against Boston College, Miller was 1-6 shooting with a single goal.

In what will likely go down as a turning point in that Boston College game, Kerrigan Miller was on the doorstep with basically a guaranteed goal and was stopped by Rachel Hall. This turned the momentum and Boston College went on a run and would never relinquish the lead.

Kerrigan Miller was an integral part of the UNC draw control and defense throughout the entire season. She will not end her career with any records or awards, but she was the glue that held the team together in a number of games.