• 38 Goals
  • 71 Assists
  • 109 Points

Katie Hoeg led the Tar Heels in assists by a wide margin and was second to Jamie Ortega in points. Her 38 goals were tied for the third most on the team.

Coming into the 2021 women’s lacrosse season Katie Hoeg and Jamie Ortega were reigning Co-Players of the Year. In 2020, the Tar Heels were 7-0 and #1 in the country prior to the COVID-19 pandemic ending the season. All signs pointed towards the Tar Heels making a run for the 2021 National Title with Katie Hoeg and Jamie Ortega leading the way.

In her super senior (5th year) season Katie Hoeg started right were she left off with a five (5) assist and seven (7) point performance versus Stony Brook. The only game of the year in which Hoeg was held scoreless was the second game of the season versus Florida. Hoeg had six (6) or more points in 11 of her 21 games and had  three (3) or more assists in 14 of the 21 games.

Her seven (7) assists against Louisville were a UNC record and her 71 assists on the second were the second most in UNC history. Her 73 assists in 2019 will likely hold as the UNC record for a very long time.

It is amazing to think that Hoeg ended her career with 233 assists after only have nine (9) in her freshman season. We can all remember the 2017 UNC team yelling “Go Hoagie” with a lanky 5’11” #8 running around in the midfield. A lot changed in Hoeg’s time wearing Carolina blue. In 2017 the 90 second shot clock was implemented and in 2018 only six (6) total players, three (3) from each team, were allowed in the midfield during draws.

This definitely sped up the game and ultimately lead to more points and scoring. Hoeg was a player that benefited greatly on the stats sheet. She demolished UNC assist records and will hold the total points record until early in 2022 when Jamie Ortega breaks it.

While some expected a Tewaaraton Award type season out of Katie Hoeg, there were only so many Tar Heels that could have been finalists. Jamie Ortega and Taylor Moreno were the two that got the nod. Some could argue that Hoeg had a better season than Ortega; especially when it came down to tight games and consistency.

In the regular season finale with Ortega sidelined, Hoeg had five (5) assists and six (6) points. In the 2021 NCAA Tournament Hoeg had six (6), six (6) and four (4) points. She had a hat trick against Boston College and did everything in her power to not end her UNC career with a loss. Unfortunately, she came up short.

In her career, she went to three different Final Fours but never won a Final Four game. Two losses to Boston College and a loss to James Madison ended the Tar Heels run in the last three full seasons.

It is hard to imagine a player getting to 233 assists. Hoeg had the luxury of passing the ball in the vicinity of Jamie Ortega and #3 would come up with it and put it in the back of the net. In her freshman season, Caitlyn Wurzburger showed signs of being a great feeder from X but Wurburger will only have Ortega for two of her four seasons in Chapel Hill. Wurzburger also won’t have seven (7) extra games from a pandemic shortened season; hopefully! Wurzburger ended her freshman year with 36 goals and 17 assists so we will have to track her progress. She will likely evolve into a scorer rather than a feeder.

Katie Hoeg came into UNC as the #6 player in the country according to the ILWomen rankings. #1 that year was none other than Kerrigan Miller. Hoeg will leave UNC as one of the greatest of all time. It was a pleasure to watch her for five years and her impact on the program will last for years to come. From her Long Island Yellow Jackets days playing with Jamie Ortega and Kerrigan Miller to the last horn in the 2021 Final Four, Katie Hoeg never quit. It is painful to type that she never won a National Championship.

Hoeg will remain in Chapel Hill and go to dental school so she will be around the program. Unfortunately, she will never wear the #8 in Carolina Blue ever again.