This is the matchup we have all been waiting for. The most prolific single season scorer in college women’s lacrosse history versus one of the best defenders to ever wear the UNC jersey. Emma Trenchard has shut down every single high scoring opponent the Tar Heels have played. Charlotte North needs six (6) goals to break the single season record of 100 goals in a season but she will have to do it against one of the best defenses in the history of the sport.

In the previous matchup North was held to three (3) goals but that game was back in early March. In the NCAA Tournament, North has already broken the single tournament record with 23 goals. It will be a tough task for the UNC defense to keep North quiet on Friday, May 28th, 2021.

Emma Trenchard is known for her physical style of defense while also having the quickest feet on the field. Rarely, if ever, is she beat in a dodging situation. When playing one on one versus the best attackers in the country Trenchard is simply better. She has made some of the best scorers in the land non existant in games.

While North has 94 goals on the season, many of these goals came in late game situations when the outcome was already decided. Here are some examples:

  • With 25 seconds left and up by 5 North scored against USC to make the final 14-8.
  • With 1 second left and up by 9 North scored against Virginia Tech to win 21-11. This was her 10 goal game.
  • With 2:42 left and up 7 North scored against Notre Dame to win 18-12.
  • With 1:12 left and up 3 North scored against Virginia to win 16-12.

While no one can argue with playing until the final whistle, there is no reason to score goals with under a minute to go and up by more than 5 goals. This is just rubbing it into the face of the opponent and padding stats. Sportsmanship is a big part of the game of lacrosse and scoring late is not showing good sportsmanship.

If Charlotte North scores six (6) goals and breaks 100 there is a very good chance the Boston College Eagles will be headed to their third straight National Championship game. If North is held to three (3) goals or less, it is hard to see a way that Boston College will beat UNC. Jenn Medjid and Belle Smith will need career days if North doesn’t have an offensive barrage.

We could see Caroline Wakefield defending Charlotte North at certain points of the game but it will be Trenchard that could determine the outcome of this national semifinal game.

Some more research. Charlotte North versus Final Four teams:

  • UNC – 3 goals (Loss)
  • Syracuse – 5 goals (Win)
  • Syracuse – 0 goals (Loss)
  • Syracuse – 6 goals (Loss)