On Friday, May 28th, 2021 Charlotte North will lead the Boston College Eagles in a Final Four matchup against the #1 and undefeated UNC Tar Heels. North currently has 94 goals and will attempt to break the single season record of 100 goals during the 2021 Final Four. UNC will be favored to win this game so it could be Charlotte North’s final collegiate game. Will she get to 100 for the season?

It doesn’t take a math major to recognize Charlotte North needs six (6) goals to reach 100 goals for the season. In the March 6th, 2021 matchup with the Tar Heels North had three (3) goals in a lopsided 21-9 victory for the Heels. Many would argue that Boston College was getting its sea legs at this point in the season as they had only played three games heading into the matchup.

North will likely be guarded by the best defender in the country, Emma Trenchard. There is a possibility that Catie Woodruff or Caroline Wakefield could spend time defending North but look for the consensus All-American Trenchard to spend the most time guarding North one on one for most of the afternoon.

We can expect to see North spending a lot of time with the ball in her stick. She is the type of player that gets the ball, goes straight cage and attempts to beat the goalie. She isn’t like Jamie Ortega in terms of cutting and quick shots. She is a power player that likes to play with the ball in her stick. This could work against North in the game against UNC.

In March, UNC had the defensive firepower to simply shut down the Boston College offense. While Taylor Moreno didn’t have her best game in the Elite 8 matchup against Stony Brook, one would expect her to put up a better performance in the Final Four. If Trenchard and Moreno are on their games there is no way Charlotte North scores six (6) goals against the Tar Heels.

This season, the most goals scored by an individual player against the Tar Heels was Isabella Peterson (James Madison) with four (4) in the NCAA Tournament, Olivia Carner (Duke) in the final game of the regular season and Meaghan Tyrrell (4).

North will have to best that effort by two goals in a game the Tar Heels will be prepared for. The Heels have yet to play their best game in the NCAA Tournament and have been vulnerable so it will be interesting to see if Charlotte North can expose that vulnerability and lead the Eagles to a victory.

Remember, the last team to beat the Tar Heels, 28 games ago was the Boston College Eagles in the 2019 Final Four. Some have called that the best women’s college lacrosse game ever played. Charlotte North was not on that Boston College team as she was at Duke.