Belle Smith was awarded Freshman of the Year in the ACC and could win Freshman of the Year nationally. Caitlyn Wurzburger was dubbed the best high school women’s lacrosse recruit in history yet had to take a back seat on the bus of a loaded UNC team. Jamie Ortega and Katie Hoag were coming off National Players of the Year awards and a number of upperclassmen were ready to showcase their skills.

Heading into the Final Four Belle Smith has 44 goals and 15 assists equaling 59 points. Caitlyn Wurzburger has 33 goals and 16 assists totaling 49 points. Both were fourth on their respective teams in terms of points. Most would agree that Belle Smith had a more complete freshman campaign but Caitlyn Wurzburger turned it on later in the season with a number of huge games.

While we will not get to see Belle Smith and Caitlyn Wurzburger defending each other, it will be interesting to see the statistical comparison when the game is over. If Wurzburger has a better game than Smith it would almost guarantee a Tar Heel victory. Belle Smith could have a career game and the Eagles could still lose as the Tar Heels have a number of athletes that could put up a multiple point game.

PREDICTION – Wurzburger will have the more prolific career over the course of her four seasons in Chapel Hill.