• 31 Goals
  • 4 Assists
  • 35 Points

Alli Mastroianni was the 2021 ACC Midfielder of the Year. The same ACC midfield that included Charlotte North. Throughout the season Jenny Levy reiterated that Alli Mastroianni did not get the credit she deserved. With Jamie Ortega and Katie Hoeg getting most of the press, Mastroianni was dubbed a role player.

What cannot be discounted was the importance of Mastroianni in the draw circle. Other than the second Duke game, Mastroianni was fantastic in the draw circle. She ended the season with 112 draw controls and a season high eight (8) versus Charlotte North and Boston College in the 2021 Final Four.

If anyone would have given Boston College an advantage in the Final Four game it would have been at the draw circle. Mastroianni completely flipped that script and dominated North at the draw. UNC won 16 of the 23 draw controls.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, the Notre Dame game was the turning point of the season for the Tar Heels. Going into the Notre Dame game in South Bend, Mastroianni had 19 goals on 45% shooting. In the Notre Dame game, Mastroianni was held scoreless on four (4) shots. In the final nine (9) games after the Notre Dame game, Mastroianni had 12 goals on 39 shots (31%). As a midfielder or attacker on the best team in the country, you cannot shoot at 31%.

What defenses realized after watching game film of UNC was Mastroianni, Scottie Rose Growney and Kerrigan Miller were not sharp shooters. They benefitted from slides and the passing skills of Katie Hoeg early in the season but those defensive slides didn’t happen late in the season. Coaches basically said, “Ortega is not going to beat us; let’s see if someone else will.”

Mastroianni was the #3 recruit in the country in 2017 behind Andi Aldave (Notre Dame) and Jamie Ortega. She has never had a full season at UNC in which she shot at a clip higher than 40%. While Caitlyn Wurzburger was shooting 72% in her final 10 games, Mastrioanni was hovering around 30%.

Once again, it cannot be understated how important Mastroianni was at the draw for the Tar Heels. After she exchanged sticks after controlling draws, it seemed like it was impossible for her to get the ball in the back of the net. In the Final Four game against Boston College she was 0-6 shooting until she scored with one second left and the game was over.

Mastroianni has one more year of eligibility left and we will find out if she will use that eligibility in the fall of 2021.