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Month: May 2017

Maggie Bill Has Surgery After Torn ACL

It is sad to see so many young women tearing ACL’s in lacrosse. Another star went under the knife after tearing her ACL. Maggie Bill recently had surgery in New York to repair a torn ACL that sidelined her for much of the second half of the 2017 season. From our knowledge, Bill did not tear her ACL during a game, but that is not confirmed.

Here is a picture of Maggie smiling after her surgery.

Maryland Wins the 2017 National Championship

Congratulations to the 2017 Maryland Terrapins who defeated Boston College to win the women’s lacrosse national championship. The Terps beat UNC 13-10 in College Park on Saturday, February 25th, 2017. Many expected to see a rematch of the Tar Heels and Terps in the championship game but UNC was knocked out of the NCAA Tournament by Navy in the Elite 8.

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Navy Stuns UNC Lacrosse to Advance to Final Four

In a game that almost everyone predicted UNC to win, us included, Navy shocked the women’s lacrosse world by dominating the last 10 minutes of the Elite 8 game to take out the defending champs on their home field. It was the last game in the history of the current Fetzer Field and it will forever be remembered as one of the largest upsets in UNC women’s lacrosse history.

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Navy Coach Cindy Timchal Brings Experience, Championships

For those that are unaware, the current Navy women’s lacrosse coach, Cindy Timchal, was at the University of Maryland when they won 8 national championships; 7 consecutive. They also reeled off 55 straight wins which is a record that will likely stand for a very long time. Coach Timchal left Maryland in 2007 to take of the Navy job.

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UNC Assistant Josh Dionne Knows Navy Well

UNC Assistant coach Josh Dionne spent two years in Annapolis with legendary coach Cindy Timchal. While he doesn’t know every player on the Navy team, he knows most of them. He will likely bring an interesting perspective to the preparation for this Elite 8 game as he is aware of the scoring prowess of Jenna and Julia Collins along with Morgan Young, Kelly Larkin and Meg O’Donnell.

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Navy Elite 8 Game Preview

Navy shocked Penn in the first round and dismantled UMass in the second round for an opportunity to play the Tar Heels in Chapel Hill in the Elite 8. The winner of this game will go to Boston to play in the Final Four on Memorial Day weekend.

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Tar Heels Crush UVA in Their First Game of the 2017 NCAA Tournament

It is safe to say UVA was not having a good season in 2017, but no one expected to see a running clock midway through the second half in the second round NCAA Tournament game in Chapel Hill on Sunday, May 14th, 2017. The Tar Heels came out on fire with both Carly Reed and Marie McCool scoring five goals in the first half.

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Molly Hendrick Dislocates Left Thumb; Wears Glove

In the second round NCAA Tournament game against the University of Virginia, Molly Hendrick was wearing a very unusual glove on her left hand. We have learned that she dislocated her left thumb and the glove will likely be worn throughout the 2017 NCAA tournament.

You can see the glove in this picture:

Molly hasn’t taken many, if any, draw controls for the Tar Heels in 2017 as she has been used mainly as an attacker. For this reason, we do not foresee any issues arising due to this injury.

Will Bishop Ireton Become a Pipeline for UNC Women’s Lacrosse

When Charlotte Sofield committed to UNC two years ago, many wondered if that would start the pipeline from Bishop Ireton to UNC. He father, Rick Sofield, happens to be the Bishop Ireton coach and Charlotte has gotten quite a bit of playing time in her first two years in Chapel Hill.

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